Adds structured markup to pages to allow deeper information on questions and answers to be shown on search engine results pages.


This plugin simply implements markup for the Question and Answer site.


This plugin enables Question2Answer users to implement below markup for the Question and Answer site.


  • Install Question2Answer
  • Get the source code for this plugin from github, either using git, or downloading directly:
  • To download using git, install git and then type git clone [email protected]:q2aio/ at the command prompt (on Linux, Windows is a bit different)
  • To download directly, go to the project page and click Download
  • That’s all. The plugin will start working.

Report an issue
If you encounter any issue, you can always report it at Digital Marketing Forum.

This is beta code. It is probably okay for production environments, but may not work exactly as expected. Refunds will not be given. If it breaks, you get to keep both parts.

All code herein is Copylefted.

About Q2A
Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for Q&A sites. For more information, visit:

Question2Answer plugin development.
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