How to host a question and answer site easily with Publicity Port

Question and answer site is one of the best ways to generate unique and engaging content. Questions and Answers not only make your content engaging it also makes it interactive, and the audience would feel more connected to your company and you.

Here are the few reasons to consider having Questions and Answer Site for your company:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):

The SEO is the primary target why everyone wants a number of blogs. Blogs add value to your site and, with the unique content, it shows the companies or the authors knowledge on the subject. The value of the blog is conventionally determined by the observing the number of followers, and engagements to it like shares, likes and comments.

When it comes to question and answer site it’s the users who create the content by asking questions, answering others questions and then by sharing, commenting, up-voting and down-voting them. This generated genuine content quickly is caught up by Google Algorithms and your site is always up with an update.

Synchronize with the market:

Right, as the responsible person in the company you want to keep yourself updated with all the new technologies in your market and know about it. Yes, bigger companies call this department R&D.

Well if you are smart you will accept that question and answer site is the best way to stay updated with your market. You don’t have to hire anyone; your members will do the job for you. When something new and promising comes on the market, there are more chances that the question regarding it will be asked at, your question and answer site!

Easy-peasy right?

Choose the cheaper option:

Yes, the cost is definitely an important factor. Today! a lot of people just fool themselves by saying “it’s not good if it’s not costly” or “if it’s that cheap, then it’s probably not that worthy”. Don’t be a fool! Digital marketing is cheaper yet efficient than traditional marketing.

Even when it comes to digital marketing, there are huge costs involved viz designing a website, maintaining social profiles, promoting posts, advertisements, blog writers and what not. Well by hosting question and answer site with Publicity Port you simply pay for your domain and hosting space. That’s correct! No hidden charges, and best of all your question and answer site is up and running in just a few minutes. Now you just have to wait and let the magic happen.

To host a Question and Answer site you watch our video (Q2A site one-click hosting tutorial)


Or you can do following steps:

1) First of all, all you want to do is buy hosting space of your choice from Publicity Port. Again, it can be done within few clicks.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check-out combos tab, Publicity Port always have a new offer running round the clock.

If you have already bought hosting space from another vendor then you can contact us, let’s talk.

2) After you have purchased hosting space from Publicity Port, you need log into your account. Now click on the domain where you want to host the question and answer site.

3) Now, navigate to hosting tab from right menu, and click on “Manage Web Hosting”. Now you should be redirected to the control panel page.

4) Now in cPanel, navigate through categories section, find and click “File Management”.

5) Once you are in File Management tab, find the search bar on the top left. Type in Question2Answer.

6) Click on Install.

7) There are a couple of things to configure here:

  1. Protocol: Choose your protocol, you can choose HTTPS, which is secured protocol. For using HTTPS, you will need to have SSL certificate. If you haven’t bought it, you can get one here.Or you can leave it by default to choose HTTP protocol.
  2. Choose the domain and its subdirectory. If you want to host the question and answer site on your root domain or main website then simply write slash “/” in the sub-directory text box.
  3. Give the name to your question and answer site.
  4. Now copy the admin credentials in the safe place for later use, and do not share it with anyone.
  5. Below the install button, you will see a text box asking for an email address. You can type in the email address and we will mail the details of this installation to that email address.
  6. Finally, you can click on install.

8) That’s all! Now you can visit the link to see the question and site in action and log in to the admin account to manage the admin settings.

You can always contact us if you have any queries.

Want us to host the question and answer site for you? Contact us.